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The Unison of Circles  (0.0.84)
  by Ruth Cunningham title image
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e are the tellers of your lost tales
and you are the writer of our words;
we are the Speakers of your unwritten history
and you give us voice to be heard.

The same circle that sent you out
then gathered you back beyond all doubt
now sets you forth to live again
remembered by another name.

Your seeking heart returned to find
our sound-prints written in your mind,
your timorousMain Entry: tim·o·rous
Function: adjective
1 : of a timid disposition : fearful
2 : expressing or suggesting timidity (proceed with doubtful and timorous steps) -- Edward Gibbon
- tim·o·rous·ly adverb
- tim·o·rous·ness noun
 tongue speaks forth our name
and through your words we live again.

The universe sings out in glee
and thrills to your humanity,
so dance and drink creation's wine
rejoicing in your human time.

The sun and moon and circled earth
are given presence at your birth,
the gracious gift of future's past
reformed by you to ever last.

Accept the terms of living's grace
that ticks and talks beyond your trace,
its magic is your heritage --
delight to cross illusion's bridge.

You hang the stars each night anew,
you form each dream you journey through,
you chase the moon on fragile wing --
when caught it answers not a thing.

You spin your seasons year-on-year,
you brew a storm in every tear,
you draw a breath, exhale a sigh
to blow the clouds cross painted sky.

You grow your reasons ripe in time
like wisdom's flowers upon life's vine,
you do all this, forgetting how
you grow tomorrow out of now.

You mould your hours and sculpt your days,
then live beguiled as if their slaves,
you fashion life with perfect skill --
you do so with your human will.

You ask your heart -- then close your mind,
you want to seek -- but not to find,
you cry to god with bitter tears
refusing truth and chased by fears.

The mysteries of your universe
reveal themselves in sentient earth,
your secrets whisper in time's wind
of self-and-Self forever twinned.