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Here you will find out who the Speakers are, how this material came to be and a little bit about the author herself. It is our hope in sharing this material with you, dear readers, that it will trigger exploration into the creation of a more fulfilling and empowered life...

"Your daily lives are meant as a way for you to learn to use your own power - to practice and perfect your inherent skills, experiencing your potency as creators."

"You are each the dear and expert dreamers and planners who create the magnificence and the originality of your dreams and plans into the actuality of your personal lives, and then into the life of your planet. This is what you do. We wish only to offer our assistance as each of you may wish for and allow for."

"Ultimately this presentation is an interactive undertaking designed to be about those who read it."
An early
exploration of
the self-to-Self
A note from
the author
herself, on
her writings